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Fast, Fun and Easy

Simply Music is not only becoming the new standard in entry-level music education, but is redefining music learning. In contrast to traditional learning, this breakthrough program is tactile, experiential, and multi-sensory, with students being physically, visually, and aurally fully absorbed. And playing great-sounding music -- immediately!

"This revolutionary technique allows the student to better recognize the forms of music without the mystery and enables them to more quickly participate in the joy of creating and performing. This isn’t a short-cut to understanding music, it’s a straight line.”

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Marc Bonilla, Emmy Nominee 

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First year: Imagine playing 30 - 50 pieces, hands together, as well as composing and improvising. These breakthrough results are guaranteed because we temporarily delay the music-reading process, (just as we all talk before learning to read), and instead focus on developing a ‘hands-on’ relationship with the instrument and building playing skills through learning and playing a huge range of great-sounding pieces. 

“I’m so happy at my advanced age to be playing the piano. I’m now able to compose songs from my brain to my fingers. . .to my delight. Sheri is kind, direct, helps me believe in my talents, pushes me to excel.”

Vera Barton, Age 76, Agoura Hills

Positive Experience 

Simply Music is designed for the learning and playing success of all students, regardless of age, abilities, and musical background. These are not the lessons you grew up with. You and/or your kids will have a completely different and highly positive experience while you gain facility and ease with playing from your first lessons.

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